Five Great Ways to Have Mother-Daughter Bonding Time

When you daughter is all grown up, it’s still lovely to spend time with her – and the best part is she won’t be throwing a tantrum! We’re all very busy these days but it’s important to set aside some time to maintain and grow your bond together. After all, wouldn’t you love for her to do the same with her own son or daughter in the future?

Here are a few ideas for what you could do with your daughter in order to develop your relationship further:

Go to the spa

There aren’t that many places you can go that don’t have distractions, but a spa is one of the few. Pack away your mobile phones and exchange it for a big comfy robe. You’ll be able to lie together as you have a choice of beauty treatments, whether it’s a massage or microdermabrasion. Once you’ve been pampered like princesses you can either do a few laps of the swimming pool or sit down for something healthy to eat.

Relax at the beach

If you’d prefer to chill out on the sand, the beach is another good choice. It’ll likely be louder than the spa, but you can enjoy the surf whilst you’re there. Set a good example and use sun tan lotion even if the day is a bit cloudy; it’s a good lesson for your daughter to teach hers! Other ways to get the most out of the experience include bringing along some snacks, as well as magazines to gossip about.

Head to the mall

You probably picked out your daughters outfits when she was a little girl, so maybe it’s the right time for her to help you with yours. She’ll likely know more about the current trends and styles than you do so let her work her magic. And even if she does pick something that looks silly, you can always have a giggle about it in the changing rooms!

Cook something

Perhaps you should get together at one of your homes and cook a great meal together. You could serve it to all of your other family members when they arrive; it would be a wonderful experience. Alternatively you could head to a cookery school together and learn some new skills that you could bring home to test. Failing that, a nice big cake always goes down well…

Chat on the phone

Sometimes it just isn’t practical to meet up, especially when you live many miles away from each other. Luckily it is still possible to stay in touch on a regular basis as you can make use of telephones, as well as software like Skype and FaceTime. If you’re both busy and miss each other when you call, perhaps you should arrange a time that you speak each and every week (unless one of you is on holiday, etc.); this can make it more convenient so you don’t feel like you are intruding on the other person’s plans.

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