5 Ways To Make Your Face Attractive

The face is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. It is the part that determines the beauty and general appearance of a person. Owing to its sensitivity, it is important to take care of the face if you want to remain youthful. The following are some of the ways to make your face attractive:

Identifying skin type
Skin types may be dry, oily, or normal or combination. Dry skin means there is less sebum produced by the skin which makes it more pale and dry. Persons with dry skin are encouraged to look for products that are fortified with moisturizing abilities. Oily skin persons are more at a disadvantage as they have to search through brands with light moisturizing effect.

Steps of identifying your skin type include:
• Washing your face with gentle cleanser removing the make ups and oil products that have accumulated but avoid over washing.
• Normal skin will show no flanking or oil after dabbing the face with a white tissue around the T-zone
• Oily skin will show grease and a shine after a wipe
• Dry skin will show flakes of dead skin
• The combination will portray all of the three above skin types

Water is the most recommended fluid as it helps in attaining inner hydration as well as the outer hydration. Water functions as a shipping system that transports nutrients to the body cells and takes away toxins making your skins absolutely healthy. Steps on how to hydrate your skin include;

• Exfoliating the skin with facial scrubbers that correspond to your skin type
• Try using a hydrating face mask that are not oily to reduce chances of skin clogging
• Moisturizes the skin using both day and night moisturizer products which are not oil based nor are they perfumed to reduce chances of irritation.
• Apply small amounts of any oil based cream at specific dry or irritated part of the facial area
• Hydrate from within or from the inside by drinking lots of water each day. At least two litters per 24hours

Proper skin products
Homemade skin products run superior over the manufactured products. This is highly because of the less irritation caused by the homemade products and because they’re also cheap. They include;
• Aloe Vera cactus juice which will soften and purify the skin.
• Lemon juice and rosemary which are combined to get tonic water for oily skin persons.
• Strawberries with fat yoghurt can be mixed to produce a recipe for the dried skin persons.

Proper makeup
Applying makeup for either girls or metro sexual men is part of enhancement of one’s facial appearance. It ought to be done right as the steps below indicate.
• Apply moisturizer before the foundation
• Apply foundation which contains sun block
• Apply less makeup to avoid quick ageing.

Cosmetic surgery
Scientists have found a way to enhance ones facial features in case of deformity, accidents or even for personal reasons. Cosmetic surgery can include nose jobs or eye fixing or even changing the skin tone and pigment. But cosmetic surgery is very expensive. However lovers of facial enhancements can apply for the new EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) which is issued free for those who are covered by the EEA countries social security schemes.

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